How we cook

At wegeguru we make our dishes based on fresh fruit and vegetables. We are inspired by the cuisines of the world, by products and spices originating from the rich food tradition of the East. We want our food to be healthy, light and nutritious, that is why we create balanced dishes, processed fast so that they don’t lose their nutritional values. We do not deep-fry, and we don’t use white sugar.

Our dishes are prepared as ordered. You can modify them by choosing the sides – groats, pickled vegetables, crispy raw bread – to your liking. Allergic to something? Or maybe you just don’t like some ingredients? Tell us. We will choose or create a dish that’s safe for you.

In our kitchen

wegeguru is an open kitchen where we love fresh food and never re-heat. We cook our stock on filtered water, in pressure cookers, to prevent the loss of vitamins. Our vegetables are crispy thanks to professional steam cookers and specially selected woks. Microwaves, induction cookers and electric cookers are banned from our kitchen. The lightly fried dishes are made over open fire, we always use highest quality oils. Our crispy raw breads are made in dehydrators, where they keep their health benefits thanks to the appropriate drying temperatures.

The Ingredients

Fruit / vegetables

We buy fruit and vegetables from farmers and suppliers we are friends with, ensuring their best quality. We don’t always use BIO or Organic certified products, but we do our best to make sure the ingredients of our dishes don’t contain harmful substances. We also support local entrepreneurs. We have some of our vegetables delivered from Ogrody Permakultury.

The source of all life

wegeguru serves water to all its guests: thanks to the multi-stage filtration process, our water effectively hydrates the body. We also use a special system of filtration for the water that we use in cooking. And if you need a drink to go, we recommend ID’EAU – natural mineral water with an optimal level of oxygen (13÷15 mg/l), Ph (7,7÷8) and ideal minerals concentration (465g/l). It’s probably the water with best hydrating properties for the body that’s available on the market, which has been confirmed by tests. Its other important benefit are alkalizing properties

Herbs and teas

Herbs – wegeguru restores their original importance. We make healthy, aromatic infusions based on herbs and selected teas coming from ethical sources.


Fats are like teachers – some good and helpful, others harmful (the latter are ever-present in mass “grocery” products). Our bodies need fats, but the good ones. They can be found in seeds (linen seed, pumpkin seeds, cornflower, chia seeds) and in nuts. At wegeguru we find the best quality olives and oils, ideal for salads or specially adjusted to fast, low-fat wok processing.

Seeds and nuts

We add activated seeds and nuts to our dishes. Activation is a process where the ingredients are soaked, to make the minerals more easily absorbable for the body, and the meal in which they are served – easy to digest.


Our desserts are sweetened with healthier substitutes of traditional sugar: dates, agave syrup, and pressed apple juice. We don’t use brown beet or cane sugar, or white sugar. All our desserts are made without sugar, lactose, gluten and wheat.


Salt – the source of iodine – is sometimes overused in European cuisines. That is why wegeguru uses salt in moderation, if at all.
If we do, it’s Himalayan salt, without chemical additives. Our spices don’t contain artificial taste enhancers, anticaking agents or colours.

Pickled vegetables and yoghurts

One of our many specialties are probiotic yoghurts and pickled vegetables, including delicious Jerusalem artichoke. They are a natural source of probiotic bacteria, needed for instance for proper digestion. And for the true fans of fermented products we have something special: kombucha – a delicious beverage based on green or black tea.

Without gluten
We avoid allergens

Wegeguru knows how hard it can be to eat out if you have to avoid gluten, that’s why we don’t use it in our kitchen, though not all the products that we use are certified. If you have celiac syndrome or are sensitive to any food ingredient, tell us about it. We will make sure the dish is safe.


Superfoods are unprocessed products, which are great for composing a healthy diet. That is why in our kitchen, along with our local fruit and vegetables, one can find algae, goji berries, and acai berries – rich in vitamins, microelements, and antioxidants, providing exceptional health benefits. We haven’t forgotten about quinoa, which contains a full set of the amino acids that we need.