wegeguru was an idea that was born deep in the heart – an honest intention to cook healthy food – supported by the knowledge of our experienced chefs. We intended it as a surprise for those who hunt for culinary treasures and wish to embark on an exceptional journey to the world of natural plant-based cooking.

From travels – those short and those longer – we have brought native recipes with which we create tasty, healthy, inimitable dishes. One of them is our specialty – the curry in which we use the paste that we make by hand according to a centuries-old Cambodian method, Japanese sukiyaki stock, and winter rolls. Wegeguru is also extremely proud of its handmade cheeses, and our specialty – healing pickles, including Jerusalem artichoke – cultivated and then prepared by one of our chefs. We also serve healthy juices from slow juicers, carefully prepared cocktails, which can be enriched with superfoods (vitamin- and microelement-rich vegetables, algae and fruit), our proprietary version of kombucha and Karkade, Phin coffee brewed the Vietnamese way and many other delicacies. The culinary shape of wegeguru is topped with desserts, prepared by our confectioners basing on cashew nuts, millet, raw chocolatete, without sugar, gluten, wheat or lactose. Healthy, aromatic and delicious, they have become one of the signatures of wegeguru.

How we cook?

Located in the very heart of the city, next to the legendary Luna cinema and close to Zbawiciela Square, wegeguru is an exceptional place with an open kitchen and a relaxation area where we used the sturdy ash tree wood that will last years, cushions filled with buckwheat shells, and a saline graduation tower from blackthorn  branches which, by filtering the air, makes breathing easy. We deliberately enriched the interior with selenites, also called moonstones – thanks to them, at wegeguru not only the body feels good. We finished the walls with NoEM paints that neutralize the magnetic field, and with manually applied clay plastering. Wegeguru’s lighting uses LED lights and is partially powered by electricity from solar panels installed on the signboard over the entrance. Our delivery car is electric. In our takeaway packaging and promotional materials, we always try to use biodegradable and recycled materials, because wegeguru is not just a restaurant but also a place based on respect for nature, supporting healthy lifestyle, friendly to the environment, people and animals. We always treat the latter to a bowl of vegan food.

Where did the idea come from?

Michał Kiciński, co-founder of CD Projekt (authors of “Witcher” – the game), when visiting Warsaw, always missed the flavours of Asia, which he explored during his distant travels. The city also lacked a place where one could log off from the rush and commotion. A safe harbour where one can always find fresh and healthy food providing energy needed to face the intensive life. That is the genesis of wegeguru.

Michał Kiciński

Curious about our team?

We are the creators of wegeguru – the fruit of cooperation of people with similar sensitivities, culinary tastes, involved in changing the reality. We hope it will become your place, too – a place where you share with us not just your opinions, but also ideas so that we can evolve using the inspiration coming directly from you.